grattes ciels

Fund 1

Multi-family developments with high growth potential.

Invest for growth, stay for income

why the development
Multi-family demand has driven up market prices for already built assets, leading to lower investment returns. However, projected returns for the developments are in line with historical averages.

Opportunistic returns

The Fund will capitalize on changing demographic trends, participating in grassroots development projects in areas where supply is insufficient to meet growing demand.


Investments will be diversified in the high growth markets of the Southwest and Southeast of the United States.

Optional Hold Period

After the initial four-year development period, investors can redeem their holdings or choose to remain in the Fund to generate a target net annualized total return of 8% to 11%.

Projected returns

A $250,000 investment should grow to $437,000 after four years and $625,000 after eight years.